Andrew Young Calls Donald TrumpIn a phone conversation with newly US president elect Donald Trump, Andrew Young defended John Lewis on Monday. Lewis is a lawmaker from Georgia and a known civil rights leader in Nashville as well.

Young is the former United Nation Ambassador, mayor of Atlanta and Martin Luther King Jr. aide.

From the latest online news, activist Andrew Young made a phone call with incoming US President Donald Trump and defended John Lewis during their actual telephone conversation on Monday. Young went to Nashville as a guest speaker of the event sponsored by Bone McAllester Norton law office.

He said to the incoming president that John Lewis is like a “saint” and disappointed with the election results.

Andrew stated that, "John is a good ... a very good man, he is really a saint." He added, "He is kind of disillusioned right now, but he will come back."

Besides Young who conversed with Trump over the phone, Megan Barry likewise talked to the newly elected president during an exclusive interview. The discussion is about providing the best convenience for the voters.

In line with this, Andrew did not elaborate the information they discussed over the telephone and said that he receive an invitation to attend the meeting of Donald Trump and King III. Unfortunately, he cannot join the meeting because of his commitment as a guest speaker in Nashville, the news added.

From the tweet of Trump on Saturday morning, he said that the Democrat from Georgia must take good care of his “crime-infested” and “horrible” district. He added that Lewis is just always talking and talking without any action or results.

Trump’s tweet is a respond to the latest issue involving the lawmaker from Georgia.

On the other hand, Young did not want any dispute with Trump and hopes for the best.

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Newly elected United States President Donald Trump talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday and discussed things about the “unsatisfactory” relation of both nations. They converse over the phone and agreed to improve their relationship better.

The statement came from Kremlin after confirming the phone conversation of the two leaders.

From the news of the Washington Post online, newly elected US President Donald Trump talked to President Vladimir Putin and discussed matters about the “unsatisfying” relationship of America and Russia. The two leaders came up with an agreement to improve their relation and work things out together.

According to the information from the revealed statement, both presidents talked about the need to fight and eliminate the terrorists, they will help Syria to stop the crisis in the country and will meet each other personally to start working in pursuing their plans.

Part of the statement likewise revealed that Putin congratulated Trump for winning the US presidency and talked about “a range of issues including the threats and challenges facing the United States and Russia, strategic economic issues and the historical U.S.-Russia relationship that dates back over 200 years,” the news report added.

As for Donald Trump, he said that he is willing to start a better relation with the President of Russia and its own people.

The newly elected president had been receiving criticisms even before taking his post at least one month from now. One of the intriguing decisions he made is to appoint Stephen K. Bannon as the possible White House Chief Strategist, wherein his critics said that this would trigger white nationalist issue.

Bannon is Trump’s campaign chairperson and former head of the Breibart News.

There are also different protests in the US since they declared him as the winner. However, Trump expressed his sincerity to resolve the issues between the United States and Russia by praising the Russian President as a very strong leader, which he stated during the election period.

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